Going Home

25 11 2006

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By this time tomorrow, Ren and I will be, if not home already, on our way. It’s kinda weird; I feel like we’ve had a pretty full handful of days here; and while the time to leave seems to have suddenly come upon us, I don’t have that feeling of, “Hey, where did the time go?” Maybe I’m ready to be home, too; or maybe it’s just that I can’t wait to share some 15 year old scotch with some friends!


Road Trip!!!

20 11 2006

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Tonight–or rather, early, in the wee, small hours of tomorrow morning, Ren and I will embark on our first big road trip together! We will be spending the Thxgiving Holiday with my brother, Chris, up in San Francisco.

I can’t wait. It’s been almost six years (since before Ren was born) since I’ve been up there.

He’s already been twice.

If I’m unable to blog on the trip, I’m sure I’ll at least have pictures posted on flickr as we go along, or at least from my cellphone.

SDCCS Jog-a-thon

11 11 2006

SDCCS Jog-a-thon photo set on flickr

Pictures are up (104!) from the SDCCS (Ren’s school) Jog-a-thon. It was a blast–the kids really got into it. Of course, they were part of the first group to go, so they had all their energy to burn off still. Regardless, it was awesome to see all these kids running and having fun–not like when I drive by some public schools and see kids just kinda draggin’ their feet around the track.

Come check out the photo set at flickr.

You can also click here to view the slideshow.

Halloween ’06

5 11 2006

Rider Down

2 07 2006

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This is Kit.

He’s a blogger and a podcaster.

I “know” Kit from a community of podcasters/listeners that hangs out in a chat room known among members as “The Neverending Story”. It’s called that because there’s always someone online, and one only has to say a word, and the story continues. Members of this chat span the country, from Southern California to New England, but between the highly lively chat, the various podcasts produced, and social websites like myspace and flickr, the chat has become another hub of human contact in every member’s day. Not to sound overly-cliche, it’s something of a virtual water-cooler where everyone meets to hang-out for a minute, tell some jokes, bitch about work, share links to flickr pages or the latest find on break.com, and otherwise to just get to know one another. Several of the members have actually met in person, a lot of them met at last year’s Podcast Expo, and this further strengthens the camaraderie and overall connection between the members.

I just met Kit for the first time on Friday. I met him in the Medical Intensive Care Unit of Scripps/Mercy Hospital.

He was found (where, I don’t know) by passersby lying in the road near his motorcycle. He was unconscious and not breathing. They called 911 and performed CPR.

The three closest chat-members (nlinus, Kat, and me) met for dinner, as visiting hours had closed for the afternoon, and we had to wait until 8 pm for the evening visiting hours. When Kat and I made our way to the hospital, nlinus, whose wife and four year-old son had joined us for dinner, offered to have my four y.o. son hang out with them while I went to visit Kit. nlinus rocks in many ways.

Anyway, so I come to the point that this whole ramble was about. I got to meet someone whom I’ve only known as a person at the other end of a computer connection, except that meeting was at his MICU bedside, with him in a coma, and me trying not to feel awkward as I introduced myself and delivered greetings and words of love from the neverending chat.

If you’ve got any good thoughts to spare,  Kit could sure use some