Wet feet

23 06 2006

Wet feet, originally uploaded by ebilflindas.

So, for some reason this photo has gotten a few compliments. I simply took this shot for the flickr group, ► Where I Stand…, which is just what it sounds like: a collection of photos of where [you] stand. I snapped this one off just to have a submission to offer the group, so when I receive comments of appreciation for it, I'm taken by surprise.

When I take a moment to look at this photo, though, and try to take myself out of it, it really opens up to me. It's kind of a visual koan, an exercise in detachment, to look at a picture of your own feet, but to not see them as your own.


My flickr badge

14 06 2006

My flickr badge, originally uploaded by ebilflindas.

I am now a flickr pro. Yup, barely a week, and the free account became too restrictive. I gots shots to put up! I needs room to upload my visions. So I went pro. Straight up.

One cool thing in flickr is that you can save other's photos as favourites, and you can see who (if anyone) has saved any of your photos as their faves. Well, as I was discovering this, I was going through my photos, reading how many times each one had been viewed, who has added each one to their list of faves, and how many comments have been left. As I've only been on flickr a week, I was mildly pleased to see the handfuls or so of viewings each picture has enjoyed, and that one has even elicited a (nice) comment from a stranger. Then I stared in disbelief as I read the line, "Nobody counts (photo filename) as a favourite."

I couldn't believe it. Nobody actually saved my photos to their favourites list!

Now, I don't mean that I was shocked and amazed that not one person would add any of my photos to their fave list.

I actually thought "Nobody" was someone's flickr user-name!

I'm not sure which is worse; wondering why no one has added my photos yet, or thinking that after a mere week, my simple shots would already be considered as someone's favourites…


13 06 2006


2006_05290006, originally uploaded by ebilflindas.

Iris in the front yard

It's late.
I am
How's that
for a
first post?